About Us

Welcome to our site!
First of all I want to say that we are glad you read this:) Most likely you happened to come here by clicking on the link in the search engines, but do not rush to close this browser tab: we have something for you!

linuxsnippets.net is a project of group notes. Now I’ll try to explain… The need for it arose not from scratch. My friend and I are both doing system administration. And if you’re involved in IT too, I'm sure, you have once came face to face with the need to have something like a pad, where you can make configuration notes which would be useful in the future. That's how the idea came to create a resource of quick and easy-to-use notes, but not to each his own, but common to all. In other words, you can not only find something useful in the publications of other authors, but also keep here your own notes - this is the main benefit of the site. It takes you only to register to use this resource as freely as your notebook. Of course, you should not forget that the notes should be closely related to IT-activity. ))

For our part we welcome enthusiastically new members. And if our idea actually turns out to be useful to someone, then it will serve an even greater motivation for the development of this resource.